How It Works

How Simple Cash Title Works If you have a car, you have a valuable asset that can help you get money when you need it the most. If you meet certain guidelines, your vehicle can be used as collateral to help you to secure an auto title loan. The loan amount that you can secure by using your car as collateral depends on several factors including your income and the value of the car, but if you need cash fast a title loan could be a life saver.

Do you know how auto title loans work?

The Basics

  • Auto title loans let you keep the vehicle for the duration of your loan
  • While you are paying off the loan, Auto Title Loan Lenders takes over the title on the car and becomes a lien holder
  • You get the money you need fast to help you with your financial problems

How to Qualify

  • The vehicle needs to be in good, drivable condition with the title in your name
  • You need to provide proof of address, proof of insurance and proof of income
  • Additional documentation may be required

Paying the Loan

  • You make fixed payments toward the amount you own that are determined ahead of time
  • You can make early payments toward the loan amount with no penalties
  • You get the title back and we release the lien once the full value of the loan is paid
  • You can receive a new title loan as soon as your previous loan is paid

If it sounds easy, that’s because it is! Contact us today to find out more about our auto title loans and to start the process.